Who can refinance their Home Loan?

Anthony Alabakov

Well.. Anyone with a home loan, right?

Who can refinance their Home Loan?

Refinancing can be done by anyone with a Home Loan, Investment Loan, SMSF or Commercial Loan - The type of loan doesn't set the limit for who can refinance.

We approach the cost to refinance Vs the costs saved by the refinance far more important than just an interest rate. We often have a client who may be paying a slightly higher rate on a commercial loan, or even a home loan that might have a certain feature or structure they are taking advantage of. To lose that feature or structure could actually cost them more than the interest rate alone.

So In short, anyone with a secured loan facility can look at refinancing, but we do always recommend having a review call with one of our brokers as it happens all too often where the customer ends up paying more than they expected, or the product doesn't suit their needs. Then it's a whole lot of effort and more expenses to switch again and often not worthwhile.

So be mindful of this and just because the advertising companies are saying you should refinance, it may not always be the right decision.

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