Repricing Vs Refinancing

Anthony Alabakov

Sometimes it's easier to stay put and demand a better price. We do this for you.

Repricing Vs Refinancing

Sometimes you might be pretty happy with your current lender, and you’re not in the mood to shop around. Then repricing is probably for you! This is where we will negotiate a new rate with your current lender and save you half the hassle and paperwork of refinancing.

As Mortgage Brokers, we complete a pricing request with your current lender. By doing this, we’ll arrange for your bank to review your current home loan and advise the best possible rate that they can offer you.

It would only be if you’re not happy with their offer, that we can then look into refinancing for you. But rest assured, it's common that your current bank will run hard to retain your business, and often they can get you down to what they are offering new customers.

It sounds massively unfair that they are always able to offer new customers the lowest rates. But if you keep your bank on their toes and allow us to monitor you home loan, this is a good way to ensure things never creep above an acceptable pricing level.

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