What are the benefits of Refinancing?

Anthony Alabakov

Your benefits are not the same as your neighbours.

What are the benefits of Refinancing?

If you’re questioning the need to refinance, and if it’s really worth the hassle. Ask yourself:

When did you last check your interest rate? Do you really know how much you’re currently paying?  Rates fluctuate, and it’s easy to lose track of what you’re really paying.

Refinancing can help you to:

  • Achieve a lower interest rate
  • Lower your repayments
  • Access more cash (Equity release for renovations, investing etc)
  • Access new features or services
  • Take advantage of cashback offers – and earn up to $5k!

A lot of people refinance regularly chasing a slightly lower rate from a competitor and not realising that it still costs them money to refinance. They may be incurring smaller government charges, and small admin fees from the bank, and not including them in their refinance assessment.

So it is important to have your refinance switching calculation done by one of our brokers or you can check for yourself on the calculators from our website. It can be very surprising in both directions.

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