First Home Buyer Fright - It's normal!

Stephanie Carello
Senior Mortgage Consultant

So, you’re a first homebuyer? Welcome to the wonderful world of mortgage, redraw, offset accounts and interest rates.

First Home Buyer Fright - It's normal!

Does buying your first home sound daunting? A little. But should it be exciting? ABSOLUTELY!!!


It’s normal to feel out of your depth. We get it! We’ve been there and done that!


When we talk about buying a home, it’s just not the tangible aspect of it. There's emotion behind it. It’s about the suburb choice, and then new furniture you’ll need to buy. Can you see yourself at the local pub or café? Do you need a school nearby or is access to public transport the main factor in where you're looking to purchase?


Once you’ve ticked these boxes, it really is about the reality of being a homeowner and a whole new world of independence and paying bills!


But as you approach this significant milestone, one thing should be at the top of your to-do list…. Engaging with an experienced Mortgage Broker to guide you through the process.

The easiest way to describe a broker, is that we are your middleman/middle gal between yourself and the banks. We do all the heavy lifting and find you the BEST loan product to suit your needs and objectives.


We are the experts and now, with more First Home Buyers than EVER entering the market, it’s the perfect time to get the us on your side to help you!


First homebuyers (FHB’s as us expert likes to call it) do need to come to your purchasing party with a few things:

  • Consistent Income
  • At least a 5% deposit that you’ve saved yourself
  • Good credit history
  • A realistic expectation


As brokers, we can determine if you’re going to be eligible for certain government incentives and schemes.  Gone are the days of just getting $10,000 toward a new home. The new schemes and incentives have evolved and are sometimes the difference between you buying a home or not. 


Current incentives and schemes include:

  • First Home Guarantee
  • Home Buyers Fund
  • Stamp Duty reduction
  • First Home Super Saver Scheme
  • FHOG


Bottom line, we know our stuff!


So if you’re planning on making the jump and purchase your fist home, give us a call! We’d love to help.


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