What the hell is happening with interest rates?

Sean Murphy

As we break down the situation for what it is, it becomes slightly clearer as to where we are in the market cycle.

What the hell is happening with interest rates?

A few things we covered in this Webinar for our clients on Thursday 7th September was:

  • Have Interest Rates peaked?
  • When are we going back down?
  • To Fix or not to Fix?
  • Is it a good time to buy….or sell?
  • How to manage your repayments when times are tough


We chat to our clients daily about these topics so we wanted to summarise our current opinion on the market and, try and get an understanding of where it could be going next.


We looked at some trends between Australia and New Zealand, how this may help New Zealand and how it impacts us.


We look at the rate charts to understand how long it took toget to where we are today. We unpack these topics a little more without any bias and we are simply sharing what we observe.

It is really difficult to tell what will happen in the near future let alone the distant future.


We hope you get some value out of this information and we want to remind you that this information is simply my opinion based on my observation of the current markets.


Reach out with any questions and we’ll be here to help.



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