How to be a good client

Stephanie Carello
Senior Mortgage Consultant

Tips on working together to make the application process as seamless as possible!

How to be a good client

Now I’ve got your attention, lets rephrase that!

’Tips on working together to make the application process as seamless as possible!’

A broker is essentially the middleman between the banks and the clients. Our job can come with many hurdles as we decipher policy, deal with credit, and ensure we’re providing all the necessary supporting documents. As we all know, nothing is ever perfect and some back and forth between banks and clients is generally inevitable.

So, how do we ensure we can make the process as smooth as possible?

Easy – open communication and prompt action from both sides.

First, we need full disclosure on your current financial situation.

  • You have a credit card but never use it? That’s fine – but we need to know the limit of this facility as it will affect servicing
  • Kids? Yes/No? Dependants must always be disclosed.
  • You have a paid default from 5 years ago? Let us know why, as the banks want to know.

Secondly, be prepared for some back and forth and requests for further documents to support your loan. This is normal. Credit assessors want to evidence everything, as they need to tick their internal risk boxes. So if there’s a request for further documents, its simply to support your application.

And lastly, remember that banks have assessment times that they adhere to. These assessments can increase without warning, and it can delay answers on your own application. Although we aim to give accurate and up to date timeframes, these are the things out of our control and waiting out banks assessment times is all we can do. So a little patience on both side will keep the good vibes up!

A good broker will always have the backs of their clients. We have the same desired outcome and will work hard to achieve this in a reasonable timeframe. Team work makes the dream work right?

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