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Tips on Winning Auctions!

by Sean Murphy on October 17

Melbourne’s auctions are going crazy. Agents are getting huge groups through properties from all walks of life, from first home buyers to investors, things are super competitive. There is simply not enough stock to service the demand. So with more people out hunting for their first or next property, we need to be more educated, […]

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Why young people are investing before buying their first home?

by Sean Murphy on August 31

Property prices in Melbourne and Sydney are absurd, but I am not buying into the idea that young people can no longer enter the property market without significant help. I help them do just that on a weekly basis. However, a lot of millennials cannot afford to buy a home in the area of town they […]

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Brokers Vs Bankers – Who really provides the best home loan services?

by Sean Murphy on August 12

Friends and family know that I’m a ‘mortgage broker’, but they rarely understand what I actually do and they were all asking me the same questions – which inspired this blog. It seems some people think brokers charge huge fees, and only recommend banks that pay the best commission. Some people believe they get paid […]

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How to avoid a poor valuation with an off the plan property

by Anthony Alabakov on June 08

I would like to start by saying this is my personal opinion, but also based on factual information and experiences over my career. Love them or hate them, valuers play a significant part in determining a purchasers experience with an off the plan property. Valuers don’t get the necessary attention when conducting a valuation and […]

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Pre-sales and issues with apartments not settling

by Anthony Alabakov on May 17

There has been significant industry talk in recent times about the oversupply of units, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne. Based on the most recent Core logic release (16/5), it is staggering to know that over 80,000 apartments need to settle in the next 24 months in Melbourne and Sydney. Also Brisbane is over 40,000 and […]

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Why Home Loans and Credit Cards dont mix

by Anthony Alabakov on March 13

One of my first ever clients was a couple in their early 50’, they had a mortgage of just over $400,000 and their property was worth $550,000 with minimal superannuation and no plan for retirement. I was puzzled. How could people nearing retirement not put themselves in a better position than when they arranged their […]

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